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Welcome to Balanced Ride Trailers!

I am pleased and proud to provide the first and only line of horse trailers in the USA in which all models are rear facing!

Research as far back as the 1960's has shown that horses trailered facing away from the direction of travel are better able to maintain their natural forward leaning balance.

All Balanced Ride Trailers are designed so that your horse is better able to balance naturally while trailered as it does standing relaxed or in a grazing type forward leaning / weighted posture. Riding away from the direction of travel allows your horse to maintain its natural weight on the forehand rather than unnaturally shifting its weight to the hindquarters.

All Balanced Ride Horse Trailers including both the Gooseneck Trailers and the Bumper Hitch Trailers are designed to facilitate ease of loading and unloading. Whether loading through the generously wide side ramp into the spacious interior or upon unloading where your horse can view its surroundings before exiting the trailer, all Balanced Ride Trailers are designed for ease of use and to minimize the stress of trailering to your horse.

Give me a call. 864-895-5582. I am happy to discuss the research and benefits for you and your horse of Balanced Ride Trailers rear facing designs!

Therisa "Risa" Couch

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