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Customer Testimonials

My Chestnut horse was a difficult loader. Not anymore! Love my Balanced Ride trailer! Kimberly in MI



"Thought I would let you know that the Balanced Ride trailer is working great.  My horse is traveling by himself again without panicking.  In the slant load, he was too cramped and Claustrophobic.  He’s staying calm and traveling great!  Huge win!  I thought I was going to be required to sedate him for travel, not so with the Balance Ride! Keri

"We took the trailer to the barn to introduce it to the horses. It was so exciting!  We tried "S" (the difficult loader) first and of course he refused to get on for 10 minutes although he was very interested in it at first. Then finally he went on and we just walked him straight through.  I wish you could have seen the look on his face! He was so surprised! So we just kept taking him through over and over. By the third time he was practically pulling us in. He was saying I LIKE this! I can move around and not be claustrophobic! The other horses were fine. They are great loaders anyway. They did look a little confused at first though! So it passed the horse test! We love the door handle on the side ramp door. It pulled great.We all LOVE our trailer! Kay

"Here's a picture of the kids on the trailer. Loading and traveling is a non-issue. They loaded and traveled well before but now they have so much more room and the whole thing comes apart so easily should anyone get trapped. Loading up the side and out the back is a no-brainer and the horses adapted after only a couple practice runs loading. The horses are just eating their supper on the trailer in the pic, hence no ties and we weren't going anywhere in that instance. Hard to believe these horses are both 16.2!! They look like ponies on there.  I'm still looking for a reasonably priced camera to put in the back so we can watch them in motion. With the F250 you don't feel a thing and it tows like a dream. " Jennifer

Good Morning Risa,
 I can't believe how much we enjoyed the new trailer! The horses loved it and it pulled like a dream. We are so excited to have it and it will get plenty of use. It's just perfect, I am attaching a couple of pictures for you, I am sure you will agree it is a beautiful and eye catching rig! We absolutely love our Balanced Ride Trailer! We have been using it about twice a week lately. I have hauled 3 horses and its perfect! Easy to use and the horses all love it. Thanks for everything, Nola



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